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RAiding With seraph

Seraph Guild currently houses multiple raid programs that cover a broad spectrum of raiding needs for our players. Be it "cutting edge" mythic raiding or just heroic "ahead of the curve" raiding, Seraph has a raid team for everyone.  Even though we have many raid programs here, all our teams work together in order to make sure each of our teams are successful.  It's not uncommon for our raiders to be seen raiding in more than one of our raid programs and we have designed the community around the premise that we all work together to kill bosses as efficiently as possible.  

RAid team information

8/8 H, 9/9 H, 9/9 H
7/8 M, 8/9 M, 6/9 M
8/8 H, 9/9 H, 9/9 H


T & Th

11:00pm - 01:00am ct

08:30pm - 11:00pm ct

08:00pm - 11:00pm ct


how do you join?

First, please review the information above for our raid programs.  If you see something that interests you, then please see the individual team pages found on the main page for more information and recruitment needs prior to applying.  Second, fill out our application by clicking on our application link.  It's a good idea to add the leader of the team(s) that your applying to and reach out when you can.  (Due to the fact that we are an adult community we do ask that all our members are a minimum of 18 years of age.)

After you've completed this process, one of our leaders or recruiters will reach out to you and discuss the possibilities of you joining one of our raid programs.  We are always looking for fun people to play the game with, however recruitment greatly relies on a team's needs, so please don't be discouraged if we do not have a spot on a team for you at the time you apply.  There's nothing wrong with staying in contact or joining as a community member.  

The application process is a two-way street, so make sure you're doing your part and we will make sure we are doing ours.

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